Monday, May 25, 2015

The Movie - While We're Young

**Hey Guys, I write posts all the time and I never publish them, I don't know why I chicken out.  But I've decided to go back through them and try to edit them for content and publish them for real.**

We saw the almost great movie "While We're Young," this weekend as part of a rare double feature (the other movie was the brilliant "Ex Machina" where I found out I'm the most naive person in the world: Sure Robot, I'll help you!).  "When We're Young" is so perfect in showing what 43 is like and what 43 with no kids is like.  I mean it's so perfect that I wasn't going to criticize it until Brian was like, they (or he) should have left out all the documentary stuff.  I agree, it bogged down the movie.

**Major Spoiler**

"And," I said, "I wish they didn't adopt at the end."

Brian nodded.

"I just like the idea that there are some functional, happy people in the world living their lives without kids."

But, apparently, it's impossible for a movie to end without the cliched pregnancy or in this case, adoption.

There's a scene where the lead 43 year old childless female, Cornelia, decides to go to a musical mommy class and almost has a panic attack.  And a scene where Fletcher (their friend with kids) describes life with a baby that felt so right to me, like the secret underbelly of parenting that no one talks about.  I wanted more of that, I wanted the movie... I guess I wanted it to be something it wasn't, or started out to be and then finished with A Classic Hollywood Ending.  It would have been nice if they were just jetting off to Italy.  I thought that was the whole point of the whole movie.

Boy was I wrong.

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