Monday, August 25, 2014

The Urban Sprawl

When I met Brian he lived at Morningside and it had this impossibly large lawn.  He was using an old school gas powered lawn mower that we had to take yearly for tune ups.  We used the same lawn mower at the Big House.  The front yard was small but it had the LONG side yard and a pretty decent size backyard.  But when we moved into the blue house, even including the yellow house, the yards just aren't that big.  The lawn mower had a last hurrah and died and we decided to go very old school and get a manual push mower.  Brian thought this was great because he grandfather had this kind of mower and it made virtually no noise and didn't need gas (or mixtures).  We get these like 14 inch sprigs that come up in the grass overnight, I think everyone here has them, and the push mower would just flatten them and they'd pop back up.  So then he started using the electric trimmer as a lawn mower and then Brian hurt his back (mostly from using the trimmer for an hour or so) and we were kind of stuck, something needed to change, you cannot mow 3 yards, however small, with a trimmer.

I did some research and decided that a battery mower was the way I wanted to go and upon further research I definitely wanted a lithium battery, they last longer and are easier to deal with.  The lithium decision made the mower pricier, so we waited until finances looked good and I got one on Amazon from the Warehouse Deals (I highly recommend this option when available, I've never had an issue, and you can save around 20% usually). 

We love this little lawn mower.  I've always been afraid of regular lawn mowers and the push mower was just frustrating to use, but this mower is very quiet (like a loud fan) and because it has a bag nothing ever flies out of it dangerously like a regular mower.  We like it so much we decided to ditch our electric trimmer and it's 100' cord (the reason I didn't buy a corded mower the cord is way more of a pain than you think it will be) and buy the trimmer that uses the same battery (also through the Amazon Warehouse Deal) and I didn't need another battery so I saved extra money.

I just can't express enough what a treat it was to mow the lawn yesterday with our new toys.  So if you're in the market, these I highly recommend.  I'm not compensated at all for this post, I just like to share things that I really like and hope I can help you guys out.

Black and Decker Cordless MowerBlack and Decker Cordless Trimmer

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  1. I hope you haven't given up on your blog, I missed all your pretty holiday pictures, especially the party pictures, you throw the neatest looking parties! Happy New Year!