Tuesday, August 12, 2014

News From a Fancy Bedroom

It took me a while to make a decision and I'm certain Anthropologie is going to come out with to-die-for sheets any moment now, but after much consideration I decided to go with these turquoise polka dot sheets from Garnet Hill.  From time to time I get a 20% off coupon and I waited like a week and could wait no more, I did luck out with free shipping.  I hope we like our new sheets!

In related news, you probably know this about me especially if you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram but I get a little over-angry when certain bloggers do posts like how to style your bedroom end tables and they put out fresh flowers and delicate objects all snooty like this is how all bedroom tables should look all the time.  Especially bloggers I KNOW HAVE CATS.  Because you know if you have cats, you cannot do anything fancy with most of your table tops.  Because this happens almost immediately:

There is an alarm clock on my end table and it's attached to the back of the table with one of those cord cover nail things.  That's all that's on the table unless you want to wake up to it on the floor.  I just want to see these decorating blogger with cats real end tables.  It would be so satisfying.


  1. Adorable sheets!

    As for the cat thing, I have had cats (one passed away this year so now I only have one) and neither one of them ever messed with stuff on tables. Neither did my childhood cats. So maybe these bloggers don't have troublesome table cats either (though my cats caused trouble in other ways, lol). :)

  2. Tis true. I just wonder, sarcastically, if even the best cat can walk past a tiny table with fresh flowers, a lighted candle, and a delicate necklace draped over an antique bowl and not think, hmm, wonder what's going on over there. It's the kitty trifecta!