Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More Assured

We met with our new social worker yesterday.  He is brand new at his job though he's worked in a similar field for quite a long time.  We were his first solo 90 day inspection.

My favorite question was if we had running water.

Some interesting facts.  We are our state's 2nd smallest county in size, the eighth largest in population, and we are second in having the most foster parents.  Though they appear to be constantly recruiting my feeling is this is why the wait is so long.  There are slightly over 100 foster parents right now and 4 people handle placements for those families.  That means each social worker has about 27 folks to watch over and provide placements for.

We were told we can't also be foster parents in other counties but our bordering county has very few foster parents, I think less than 10.  I so want to be on that list.  I think maybe we should set a date and if nothing happens perhaps change counties (?).  It feels very frustrating to no one's fault, I just feel like we've been waiting forever and I feel impatient to wait some more.  Though really that's all this is.  Infertility should just be called "Waiting," because that's pretty much all you do.

I just want to change some diapers.  Play some Patty-Cake.

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