Monday, April 21, 2014

Babies Galore

I looked up the history of the Easter bunny on the drive to my dad's yesterday and it mention that historically the Easter bunny and bunnies in particular (and eggs for that matter) represent fertility.  Following the spirit of that we saw a lot of kids this weekend!

First I made Easter dinner on Saturday and saw my brother's daughter (our youngest niece) for the first time since she was born.  She looks a lot like my brother, mostly I'm sure from the brilliant red hair.  She was still so very tiny, the tiniest baby I think I've ever seen.  I held her for a while, which was just wonderful.  As a brief aside, I've always wanted to have my own baby because I always feel like you have to treat babies like glass, like the parents are panicking the whole time you hold their baby, and then the parents just fling babies around, my brother held her like a football on her stomach with her legs over his arms and she loved it.

When they were leaving my brother held the carrier down to Andy's eye level and I said, "What do you think Andy?  Maybe we'll get one of these one day," and I immediately felt a little sad thinking about this terrible wait we're going through.

Then yesterday we made the long (not really very long but so miserably boring) drive to visit my dad.  My other brother's kids were there.  We haven't seen them since Christmas and my niece can talk now!  They seem a little wary of us, I think they know we're progressive liberals and feel the need to keep their distance.  They had an Easter egg hunt, which was the highlight of the weekend for sure.  Why is it so fun to hide plastic eggs and make children who can barely walk on flat hard surfaces meander through pine straw mounds and over hoses to find plastic eggs pick them up and put them in a pink basket and carry on for more.  We should do this every day!  People should give Easter baskets to their kids to pick up their toys at the end of the day.

Today we got a call from our new "permanent" social worker to schedule a time for our quarterly visit.  I'm so excited to meet our new guy.  Maybe that feeling of being a lost file at the bottom of someone's desk will go away.  It all feels so very positive.

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