Wednesday, March 19, 2014

U. Update

I remember having a conversation with Brian about the plea deal for the guy who broke into our house (U.) and how I didn't think he was serving enough time Brian told me not to worry that he would get out and get wrapped back up in the same thing and eventually get arrested again and do even more time that time.  I wasn't so sure because most break-ins are never resolved, ours was a rare incident because the guy left a perfect fingerprint on our broken stolen television.  That never happens.

He was done with our sentence in very late October and I wasn't nervous or anything about retaliation (I did have a 2 page letter to him read out in open court by the D.A. so I wasn't exactly going quiet into the night so to speak) but you just never know when you might run into someone, this town is tiny and downtown is tiny, you just never know.  But nothing ever happened.

We've had some pretty serious gang violence considering the size of our small city.  It was crazy in the news for a while then seemed to peter out.  I remember thinking about it the other day and assumed maybe the news just stop reporting it, if you don't report it, people don't know it's a problem anymore.  Then a few days ago someone was shot near the local high school, reported as a gang incident.  The next day someone was stabbed around the same area (retaliatory, I guess).  Brian called me that afternoon and said the guy who shot the first guy was the guy who broke into our house.  This wasn't on the news yet, the D.A. knew and she told Brian and told him to let me know so I wouldn't find out by watching the evening news (that would have been CRAZY, btw).

It took another day and U. was arrested, his mug shot flashed on my replaced stolen television, Cheshire grin, perfect white teeth, a small glimmer of the baby face he had just a couple years ago.  He's in big trouble, he may go to prison for up to 20 years for attempted murder, Brian says.

Man, you were so right about that, I said.  I thought he would be robbing houses for years before he was caught again, and now look.  That guy was in our house, that kid, who can take a gun and fire it at another guy's chest because he doesn't like him, he was going through my underwear drawer and scaring the shit out of my cats.

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