Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Exterior House Spucing Ideas

As you know we recently had our house painted with much joy and dismay as you can possibly fit together.  But to me, it looks a little blaa, like it's missing something.

I've been thinking about simple ways to try to give it some more contrast and here's what I've come up with:

You can click on the photos to make them larger.  From other houses that I've seen that use a lighter less contrasting color, what seems to work best is to use an additional high contrast color.  This usually means they paint their door black and put up black shutters and it looks great.  Look at this house:

Without all the black I feel like this house would look pretty washed out.   So my trick is how to add more black.  I've always loved the look of white railing with black on the top.  We had that in the old house and it was really beautiful.  I wonder if it would look as good on the front porch.  Also my mom pointed out to paint the side of the stairs, excellent idea and the wood piece just below the porch above where the brick starts.  Then of course a little weight is needed on the left side of the house so I really want a custom window box there (unless I can find one the right measurements that span both windows completely).  Easy to maintain flowers like gerber daisies (cough!) and roses seal the deal.

What do you think? It's the black board at the bottom of the porch that makes me nervous but it's just paint, I can do it myself and and fix it if I need to.


  1. I love the colour of the house. So cute and fun and sweet. I like the idea of painting the board and top rail thingy of the porch black. However, for some weird reason I would leave the sides of the steps white (I don't know why). Your style is lovely, btw. And I love your fostering posts.

  2. I think you're totally right about the contrast, and your ideas seem like they will do the trick. Are you going to add more black paint under the windows on the left, under the boarding ?

    By the way, I love the colour of your house - I spent a day or so wishing I lived in a house I could paint (old stone cottage so wouldn't work at all!)

  3. I'd do the window box black too.

  4. I would never think of any of that, but think it would look great!