Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Beautiful Artwork

It's amazing to me how art really brightens up the house and shares our personality with our friends and family.  I am constantly on the lookout for new art.  When you use art prints a lot of the time it's very affordable to switch out pieces you might be bored with or want to change as your tastes change. 

I really like the selection of art prints from Minted.com.  I also like how you can choose the size print you want and often even the colors used in the print.  You can also order the print framed, which, take it from me, is a win-win.  Sometimes prints are very difficult to frame.

Below are a couple of my favorite prints from Minted:

Painted Ferns is probably my favorite print anywhere right now.  I remember seeing this a few months back when I was decorate art for the nursery and somehow I must have lost it in the shuffle when I was choosing so many pieces of art work.  I just think it's so simple and I love the look of water color.  The green is so calming.

Another thing Minted does is show you how large all the different sizes are you can choose by having a person hold the various sizes.  That way you get a better idea of what size art work you are buying.  They also show the piece in a gallery setting with other art prints from Minted to make it easier to build your gallery wall.  Making a gallery wall of art is harder than it sounds so this is a good option if you need it.

I also love Urchins.

I think this print would look so cute in a bathroom.  One of the great things about his print is you can change the color of the urchins.  I also like the mustard yellow-y color too.

My final selection to share with you is Sleepy Kitty.  This is the just the kind of print that's perfect as part of an art gallery.  It's so simple and sweet.  I love it.  Our cat Grayson actually lays like this, we call it "the sprawl" so it's extra special to us.

In my quest for Oscar party ideas I was very fortunate to come across the beautiful blog Julep by Minted.com.  My Oscar theme this year is American Hustle so I'm on the lookout for shiny glittery things to decorate around the house.  Julep had some great ideas that would work for me.

I really like the DIY disco ball stirrer idea.  I really want to incorporate some disco balls into our party and this is a really cute simple way to do so. 

They are so adorable.  I was thinking we could use the stirrers for skewers for fruit kabobs, jazz them up a little bit.

Wouldn't they be cute with little disco balls on the ends?

**I was compensated by Minted.com to share this post with you but all opinions are my own. This is my first sponsored post and I am so excited to participate with such a beautiful site as Minted.com and Minted.com/julep**

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