Tuesday, January 07, 2014

You Get a New Car

It was a few months ago that the mechanic told us our car was pretty much done.  It would make it maybe a year if we were lucky.  The Jetta had over 212,000 miles, had been paid off for years, and although the engine was apparently the last thing that was going to go, the car was literally falling apart.  We would joke about how every piece of plastic on the car was broken and it was true.  The center console lid was broken and just set back in place, the slidey thing where the charger goes slide all the way inside the innards of the car and we started losing things in the hole it left behind.  We were extra careful not to put our parking pass near the hole but Brian had to slam on his brakes on day and it slide right in there.  The back right passenger door stopped locking and unlocking.  This is a bigger problem than it may seem.  I challenge you to manually lock and unlock the back right door for a week or so to see what a pain in the butt it is.  Plus you have to tell passengers about it and you feel like a jackass from the 70s.  The moonroof stopped working a while ago.  A couple of panic-stricken moments when it wouldn't close is enough to just stop using it completely.

Our credit was destroyed by the housing market crisis, and is why were are living in this tiny house in the hood, so I really thought no way we could get a loan.  We've made really awesome strides paying off all our issues, a few still linger and feel impossible, but we'll get there.  On a complete whim we decided to randomly pick a car dealership and see what they say.  I was really ready to just be completely humiliated and leave with my tail between my legs.  We had been talking about car options when we heard our car was not going to make it and my choice was Honda CR-V so we went to the Honda dealership.

Somehow, someway, we left that night with a black 2011 Honda CR-V.  I still can't believe it.  I thought it was sweet justice when we were cleaning out the Jetta and I went to open the glove box and the entire locking mechanism fell out and I couldn't get it back in.  I was one glove box opening from having to drive around with an open glove box.  We are so excited about how roomy the car is.  A car seat will fit with plenty of room.  We can even take our car now when we go out to eat with Brian's parents. I can't wait to take it to the Adirondacks.  A whole new world, I tell you, a whole new world.


  1. Congrats! We have had 2 Honda CR-Vs. One was totaled in a 5 car pile up in Houston, and my husband quickly replaced it with another since he liked it so much. I drove it into the ground and now we have a Pilot.... Hondas are good cars. We have had 7 of them and never had an issue.

  2. Honda CRVs are great! I have one, a black 2007 one, and it is still going strong at over 100K miles. I love it, my husband is constantly wanting me to trade it in and get a newer car, but all I want is a new CRV. Great choice!