Saturday, December 21, 2013

Update - Good One

Okay, so last Monday we had our home study.  The big day.  I was very nervous and cleaned like a madwoman but it was really quite simple and easy.  He looked at the front room and then interviewed us separately.  We have already filled out a lot of paperwork and written biographies so the interview was to fill in any gaps that he had.

We got some more forms to sign and he's picking those up on Monday and getting our final signatures on our packet to be sent off for our license and then we just wait for a baby/toddler.

I ordered a crib last week that came in on Thursday and we put it together that night.  I think I'm going to leave our desk in the front room until we are matched.  I don't want to leave this room unused until we get a baby, one of the great joys of this tiny house is using the whole house.  It will be very simple though to move the desk out when the time comes.

Did I mention we are getting the house painted?  We got 3 quotes and they varied wildly but in the end, this time of year money is the most tight for us so we went with the lowest quote (I do not recommend this).  Let's just say we spent Friday lowering our expectations.  Oh, this house.  So many positives about it but the siding is not one of them.  The old paint is peeling in a lot of places and where it's not peeling it has this weird alligator effect where the old paint was half scraped the last time it was painted.  We just have to realize without putting serious money into it, it's just not going to look perfectly smooth.  But we should resolve the peeling problem and the color should be quite cute, I hope.  Also the painter isn't very reliable.  Most painters can paint a tiny house like this in less than a week.  He's going to take a month (or more).  It's going to take a long, long time.

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