Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Party Invitations

I had grand ideas that I was going to design our party invitations and have them printed from one of the online printer places but I kept missing the sales and when I finally was ready the shipping was too high to get them on time.  So very last minute I put together our invitation this year and printed them on cardstock.  I usually order my colored notecards from Papersource but I was out of time to even do that so we went to Michael's where they don't carry notecards that don't fold.  I was losing my mind and finally decided to get some regular sized red cardstock and cut them down myself.  I had my 40% off coupon to buy a paper cutter (finally!) and then realized at the register that oh this is on sale, of course it is, so the coupon was useless.  I got a great deal on my rubber cement.  I think I made 1000 cuts that night trying to size everything and glued them all down and Brian gave them out, like days before our party.  And it showed, we had the smallest party I can even remember.  We hired a helper and everything.  He must have thought we were nutso.

I went really simple with my design but I really like it.

With our foster/adopt stuff going on, my mind has really been elsewhere.  But even in my lack of motivation, I think ended up with an invitation I really like.  Too bad they went out late.  Next year, next year I'll be ready, online printing or paper-source.

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