Monday, December 23, 2013


You know how on the last episode of Survivor Jeff always says something like you come as far as you can come on your own and then he takes all the votes and the contestants wait 3 months for the finale?  That's kind of where we are now.  We've done everything we can do, signed everything we need to sign.  Now we just wait.  Everything gets finalized and sent off and we wait for our license and then we are ready to foster/adopt.  Looks like sometime around the end of January (?).  So we wait.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Update - Good One

Okay, so last Monday we had our home study.  The big day.  I was very nervous and cleaned like a madwoman but it was really quite simple and easy.  He looked at the front room and then interviewed us separately.  We have already filled out a lot of paperwork and written biographies so the interview was to fill in any gaps that he had.

We got some more forms to sign and he's picking those up on Monday and getting our final signatures on our packet to be sent off for our license and then we just wait for a baby/toddler.

I ordered a crib last week that came in on Thursday and we put it together that night.  I think I'm going to leave our desk in the front room until we are matched.  I don't want to leave this room unused until we get a baby, one of the great joys of this tiny house is using the whole house.  It will be very simple though to move the desk out when the time comes.

Did I mention we are getting the house painted?  We got 3 quotes and they varied wildly but in the end, this time of year money is the most tight for us so we went with the lowest quote (I do not recommend this).  Let's just say we spent Friday lowering our expectations.  Oh, this house.  So many positives about it but the siding is not one of them.  The old paint is peeling in a lot of places and where it's not peeling it has this weird alligator effect where the old paint was half scraped the last time it was painted.  We just have to realize without putting serious money into it, it's just not going to look perfectly smooth.  But we should resolve the peeling problem and the color should be quite cute, I hope.  Also the painter isn't very reliable.  Most painters can paint a tiny house like this in less than a week.  He's going to take a month (or more).  It's going to take a long, long time.

Christmas Party Invitations

I had grand ideas that I was going to design our party invitations and have them printed from one of the online printer places but I kept missing the sales and when I finally was ready the shipping was too high to get them on time.  So very last minute I put together our invitation this year and printed them on cardstock.  I usually order my colored notecards from Papersource but I was out of time to even do that so we went to Michael's where they don't carry notecards that don't fold.  I was losing my mind and finally decided to get some regular sized red cardstock and cut them down myself.  I had my 40% off coupon to buy a paper cutter (finally!) and then realized at the register that oh this is on sale, of course it is, so the coupon was useless.  I got a great deal on my rubber cement.  I think I made 1000 cuts that night trying to size everything and glued them all down and Brian gave them out, like days before our party.  And it showed, we had the smallest party I can even remember.  We hired a helper and everything.  He must have thought we were nutso.

I went really simple with my design but I really like it.

With our foster/adopt stuff going on, my mind has really been elsewhere.  But even in my lack of motivation, I think ended up with an invitation I really like.  Too bad they went out late.  Next year, next year I'll be ready, online printing or paper-source.

Monday, December 09, 2013

It's Update Time

Well, I was hoping to hold off for exciting Foster news but we are still in a holding pattern.  I will say this, all our stuff has been received and our social working is going through it to prepare our packet to send off for licensing.  We do still have our homestudy and I think this may happen before Christmas.  I know this because our social worker asked about our Christmas plans.  So there you go, still waiting.

My mom had surgery for her cancer and did really great.  We went to visit her that night at the hospital and I've never seen anyone looks so good in the hospital.  I always feel like the walking dead in hospital but my mom was alert and in really good spirits.  She had an allergic reaction to her pain medicine (scratching forever despite benedryl) but luckily she was feeling ok to go off pain meds anyway.  Her lympth nodes were removed as a precautionary measure and the results came back cancer free, this is really good news.  She just has to stay on top of doctor visits to keep a watch out. 

Here at home we are working hard to try to get our house painted this month (or asap).  We received 3 quotes with wildly varying ranges of amounts.  I don't usually advise this but we are going with the lowest quote, money is tight this time of year and we don't want to wait to save more money because the house looks really, really bad right now.  We had our front porch decking redone and you guys I haven't even taken a photo of it because the house still looks so bad.

Taking the lowest quote is always a gamble because you risk delays and god knows what.  We can only cross our fingers, be diligent, and hope for the best.  As always I'll post about how it's going.

Other than that we are getting ready for Christmas.  We're hosting our annual Christmas party next weekend so that's been on my mind.  I want to keep it easy so I'm not so exhausted by party time but then part of me wants to improve the party too and that means more work.  I'll just have to see how it goes, I'm going to try to do as much as possible prep the day before the party.  But even when I do that I still end up exhausted by the time the party starts.  This is why people have their big parties catered.  It all makes sense now.