Thursday, November 14, 2013

This is Your Weekly Update

Well, well, well.  Where to start.

We had our fire inspection today and it was pretty easy but the fire guy made me feel like a sleezy money grubber.  I even tried explaining you don't make very much money at all fostering a kid but it didn't matter.  When he left I saw a notice hanging from the front door.  Our water had been disconnected.  Oh right, being a foster mom will solve that, I'm so sure...

The way the water bill works here is you get a bill every other month.  If you don't get your bill, for whatever reason, like I didn't, and forget oh hey hasn't it been two months I should pay my water bill, they just cut off your water.  No late notice bill, no phone calls, nothing.  I was freaked out and embarrassed.  Brian's parents water was shut off too (our mail is really terrible here).  So I spent the morning resolving that, luckily by noon we all had water again.

Then I tried signing up for e-statments, hey, USPS you bring this shit on yourself, but even that is a 10 year old tech process so it's not done yet. 

In the interim from our last class until today I have repainted the bathroom, had wainscotting installed in the bathroom, finished moving all the adult stuff from the front bedroom, except the computer and desk and Brian's closet (but the small closet just has some storage boxes left), I painted the chalkboard wall, and more tediously seasoned said wall, and wiped all that excess chalk from the wall, it was a lot of residue, but worth it!  I also found 3 new kittens in the yard.  Oh and it snowed very lightly but I was sleeping!  Currently I'm trying to paint the wainscotting.  I primed it but then I had to caulk a bunch of stuff so I'm just waiting now.  Oh, and don't forget, we had new flooring installed on the front porch.

Next Monday I go to my mom's pre-op appointment.  It seems my mom has no idea what is going on, what her cancer is called, if she needs chemo, nothing.  She has a date for surgery and that's all she knows.  So I'm going with her to find out all the details of what is happening and helping answer a lot of written down questions for my aunt.

We had our TB test done on Wednesday.  It hurt way more than I was expecting but it appears neither of us have TB because we can barely find our shot sight.  Tomorrow at 4:30 we get our results read and run over to the doctor's to give it to him so he can send off our physical.

After that, we are caught up with what we needed to do to date.  Then we start bugging our recruiter to homestudy us... after I finish all this painting.

I still don't know what I need in this house.  Do I need a crib?  A toddler bed?  A regular bed? Like, now?  Do I need a locker for our medicines right now?  What sort of child proofing do I need and when?  What do I need right now?

Once I catch up on my new things and thoroughly clean this disgusting house, I will take photos of all the new stuff but I still only have my iphone so the photos won't be that great.  I do have sneak peaks on instagram.  Man, I love instagram.

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