Monday, October 28, 2013

The Crazy Week to Come and the Hunger Games Halloween Party

This may be the busiest week I'm going to have since the week before my wedding.  It might actually be moreso.

Sometime over the summer (because I'm weird like that) I decided to start planning for a Halloween Dinner party.  We've had 2 Halloween dinner parties and they are really great.  Especially for someone like me who LOVES Halloween and used to cry driving home from work seeing all the little kids going Trick-or-Treating it was a great distraction (I highly recommend distraction to counteract any infertility pain or sadness).  But then the class started happening and I thought oh, there's a lot going on, it would be nice to just sit at home and watch scary movies and wait for the 4 Trick-or-Treaters we'll have.  And that was the plan.  I shelved my party plans.

But then last week one of our closest friends called Brian and told him about her Halloween Costume and how it was a polar bear and therefore perfect for our Hunger Games party (someone has obviously not seen The Hunger Games).  I thought it was so sweet (and hilarious) that someone got a costume for my crazy themed party that I was like, ok, if you can get a gang of no more than 8 (including us) then we'll have the party.  There are now 10 people coming for dinner on Thursday.

The other thing is the class.  Everyone signed up for bringing dinner to a class and once the sheet went around I noticed there was a blank day.  Well, jeez, I love cooking for parties so I signed up twice.  But then a couple wanted to switch with us (this was before we decided to do the dinner party) so now I have group dinner for 18 people this Tuesday (remember party on Thursday) and then dinner again next Tuesday.  It's CRAZY!

Hunger Games Halloween Party

My explanation is going to make zero sense to you if you haven't seen Hunger Games or read the books.  But most of the people coming to the party haven't seen the movie or read the books so they are going to think it's as weird as you are about to. 

So, my idea was to have a Hunger Games party as if a member of the Capitol was throwing a party honoring the games.  So it's supposed to be skewed because members of the Capitol are a little naive and empty-headed and LOVE the Hunger Games so it's a celebration, Capitol Style.

When I think of the citizens of the Capital I think about over the top colors and glitter and crazy clothes and makeup.  So I was really going for bright colors and that's not usually associated with Halloween.  My bridge is supposed to be the pastel glitter pumpkins.  I'm in the process of trying to make the arrows.  The ones pictured are for a Valentines Party.  Mine will still be pink but my arrow will be a triangle.  And unfortunately I won't have the ombre napkins.  They are awesome but beyond what I have time for making.  I'm also making a "Tracker Jacker" nest from Paper Mache.  I have to do three layers in three days plus paint it so it's pretty tight.  I'm working on my second coat today.  I'm almost finished with my friendly looking tracker jackers made from Sculpty clay.

For food, I know I could go classic Hunger Games and recreate food from the books but I'm a very picky eater and I just decided to go another way.  I wanted to stick with my color theme and when I saw this brightly colored chicken dish I felt it was a good way to go.  The snail roll and the forest cake I thought would be reminders of the actual hunger games, like the arrow and the nest.  I hope the rolls turn out, it's looks a little too easy.  Same with the chocolate trees.  We'll just have to see how it goes.  I'll probably attempt the trees on Wednesday so I can form a backup plan if they don't work out.

If I have time I'll post my Capitol citizen costume later.  Brian's wearing a bright purple shirt and crazy tie we bought this weekend, I'm hoping to use the color hairspray for his hair in purple or pink. 

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  1. Wow that sounds like an awesome party! Love all the ideas.