Sunday, October 13, 2013

Shopping Spree Letdown

When you are an Anthropologie nerd like I am you sign up for an Anthro card and for your birthday month you get a coupon in the mail for 15% off.  The first 2 years I had it you actually got a little present for your birthday as well, but I'll just gloss over the sadness of now just getting a cardstock coupon.

So basically for the entire month of September I just want to go to Anthropologie.  The closest Anthropologie is 1.5 hours from here but we're more likely to find ourselves in the other Anthropologie because it's near family.  That one is a conservative 2.5 hours away.  Granted, if I were not a nutjob about the whole thing I could just shop online and use the 15% towards the shipping costs but sometimes, jeez, sometimes you just want a shopping spree.  You want to see all the things in 3D that you've seen on your computer for months and months.  You want to collect that stuff in your hands and bring it to a register and think to yourself, yes, my hair looks like crap but look at all this stuff I'm about to buy!

So I held out.  Weekend after weekend.  Soon it was becoming apparent that it was not meant to be to use my coupon.  We even threw out the obvious that driving 1.5 hours in gas would eat up that 15% savings any ole way.

But then we realized that we had a trip to the 2.5 hour area coming up (in October, of course) so I could just hold out until that.  Then we had a little boost to the cash flow.  It was all falling into place.  So on Friday I dropped Brian off to take a lawyer test and drove to the mall and got ready to get down to business.

I slowly made my way about the store, from right to left which scientists have determined means you are about to spend some money, and then I got to the end.  This is when I usually loop back around to figure out what I want.  Only I looped back around and finished the loop again and nothing.  What was happening!?!

It was only later that I really thought about it, where were the housewares?  There were no lamps, no lampshades, no toss pillows, no aprons, no tablecloths, few kitchen items, a shit ton of candles, and some journals and bullshit.  Where was everything?  I searched online regarding selling housewares in stores and I can't find anything so I can only assume that this ONE store decided just to sell clothes and candles (pretty much) and disappoint me to no end.  No. End.  I had money to burn in my pocket and it was literal cash and I cannot hold onto cash so it was ON and then, just as quickly it was OFF.

Bummer.  Later that day I went back and did buy some dish cloths (dish cloths, wtf) and a pretty bowl to put my nail polish in.  And then I was done.

Bad job, Anthro, bad job.

Even my husband was disappointed.  He was so excited for me and when I came back (mostly) empty handed he was heartbroken.  The next morning when we woke up he told me a fairytale about Anthropologie and how they started out with a brand that was very popular but then determined that they made more money from clothing so the housewares were slowly fading away.

I cannot confirm this online but jeez that will make me so sad.

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