Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Random Class Update, Further Room Decorating Ideas

We're half way through our classes so I thought I'd post a little update.

One thing I find interesting about the class is being around people like myself.  I post a lot about feeling like the odd duck sticking out in almost everything that I do.  But in our class there are four other couple just like us, around our age, around our socio-economic class, childless.  There's something comforting about that.  This whole group is just like me.

As you can imagine if you know anything about adoption there's this huge checklist of stuff we have to do and it's not like the list is difficult it's just different and time consuming.  Today we got our fingerprints done and it was just a matter of saying ok, let's just do this and doing it.  It's been sitting on my desk for weeks.  It's such a relief to have it done.  The other major things are the fire inspection and our physicals.

Brian had a physical recently but before we had our physical paperwork so I'll bring his with mine and see if we can fill it out that way or if Brian has to go back in.  (It's a small doctor's office.)

We have a fire extinguisher but apparently it's not the one they want you to have so we have to get a new one.  When we have that, the goal is to get that inspection ASAP in case anything is wrong we can repair it and have another inspection.  Not that we expect to have anything wrong but it's just weird.  Not ALL our windows work, we only have one smoke detector but I think it's enough, I'm confused about the extension cord requirement, at first I thought you couldn't have extension cords, and that was MINDBLOWING to me but now I think you can you just can't have them running under rugs or hooked up to permanent items like a refrigerator.  I was initially counting all the extension cords we use and it's pretty much at least one in every room.  But 3 of those are surge protectors and I those aren't even mentioned.

Can you just imagine if every new parent had to get a physical, get their fingerprints done for a criminal check, write a life story, answer a billion questions over and over, and have a fire inspection? 

In other news, I gave up on my backordered desk from Pottery Barn Kids when I saw that the Target desk I wanted originally was back in stock.

So my desk should be coming next week and I'm saving myself about $150.  And, I can finally get this black monstrosity out of here.  Big fun will happen then when I have to figure out where all this office crap/arts and craft crap goes and I either paint a chalk wall or stencil a pattern.  I'm leaning chalk board wall because I recently bought a new rug and it's polka dotted and the sheers are swiss dots and I about to sew pom-pom trim on the curtains and my stencil was going to be polka-stars but I'm now thinking I might being going polka-overboard.  The downside to the chalkboard wall is, yes, it's sounds very sweet to have a giant wall that a kid can write all over but have you seen kid scribble?  It's not the prettiest thing in the world and will having one wall a kid CAN write on make them think you can write on any ole wall you want?  Maybe have a chalk wall that I decorate myself and the kid won't even know they have the ability to write on the wall?  Like a mural.  A secret mural.

What you think a chalkboard wall will look like:

What it actually will look like:

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  1. FYI, chalk dust gets EVERYWHERE when kids use it. The little dust from the chalk all falls down on the floor and it gets ridiculously messy on the floor, baseboards, etc. Dustless chalk doesn't even do the trick.

    1. Yes, this something to keep in mind especially colored chalk that can stain.

  2. I thought about a chalk board wall for about 5 minutes... it sounds like such a cool idea. I'm glad we didn't do it because it is messy!! The chalk stays outside for drawing only on the driveway here. But of course the kids find other ways to make messes inside so it wouldn't have really mattered, lol!