Friday, October 18, 2013

Bogged Down in Classes

Brian and I was just discussing how to explain to people what these classes are like and we couldn't come up with a good analogy.  Between the two of us, you'd think we could, but it's just difficult.  It's a lot of information but given in a round about way.  So it's kind of frustrating and really draining.  I don't know how Brian is doing it, working all day and then going to class 2 times a week.

And I knew things were going to come up that would drive me crazy and they have started to happen.  Apparently my fire extinguisher isn't the one that they want so we have to get a new one. We also HAVE TO have a phone and we just went down to cell phones only like a year ago and love it.  Serendipitously, our cable company did some bundle deal with us and our phone was free even though we never plugged it in (or know the number, not sure what to do about that... update: I just called myself, problem solved).  So I bought a little Trimline and wrote in the emergency number: 911 and our 2 cell phone numbers.  So now if our 8 month old is home alone and there's a fire, he'll be all set.  Kidding!  It's just one of those things.

I also HAVE TO make a floor plan and map out the fire escape route.  It HAS TO be prominently displayed, whatever that means.  I am not a fan of this because it makes me feel like our house is a hotel room but it's just one of those things.  I didn't feel right free drawing it so I actually sat down with the world's most difficult program to do measurements and so fort and then I (illegally) screen captured it to Paint because this trial program wanted to use a watermark.  Then in Paint I erased some stuff and added words and then, yes, drew an exit path.

I thought I would share it with you guys.  I think I always thought our house was more square so it looks funny to me but I actually measured rooms so I'm pretty sure it's accurate.   


  1. Wow, that's insane that you have to do all that stuff. I firmly believe that if anyone can make a fire escape map cute, though, it's you. What if you added a little roof and some flowers or something to the house and put it in a super girly frame? Or added one of these etsy signs over it? They have a bunch over there...I'm seeing cuteness potential here.

    1. I have a cute frame at work that I might use.