Wednesday, September 04, 2013

What a Girl Wants

Tomorrow I'll be wasting a realtor friend's precious time to look at a house.  But not just any old house.  This my friends, is my dream house.  Picture the year 1997 when I was about to turn 26 years old and had my first "real" job and was so proud of myself I decided I wanted to buy a house.  This was the house I fell in love with.  As soon as I walked in it felt like home and I knew I didn't want to look at another house, this was it.  All I had to do was convince my stepfather to help me with the downpayment.  And he did!  And then during a memorable trip to New York City he decided to loudly humiliate me during dinner at a classy restaurant and I sulked out embarrassed with my mom knowing the house wasn't going to happen.  My dream died that day.

And now it's 15 years later and every once in a while when we are driving through this neighborhood, a very odd but good short cut to the beach, I ask Brian to drive by the house so I can see how it's doing.  And we did that very thing on Sunday on the way to brunch.  It looked a mess and had papers taped to the door.  We all know what this means, it's in foreclosure.

The thought of foreclosure has never made me smile in my life but my face broke out into a huge grin and I leapt from the car to read the sheet and stare in the window in the door.  I could make out the entry archway, it has an entry archway, no wonder I fell in love.

Brian called our realtor friend later that day who's agreed to show it to us tomorrow.  Everything has gone full circle.  It's 15 years later and I still can't buy the house.  I mean, I don't think we could.  Maybe if we put our house on the market and it actually sold (unlikely) and sold for enough to give us a down payment (unlikely) and then my mom would have to cosign (unlikely).  Sigh.

The worst part is I could buy it for less than what my offer was accepted for in 1997.  And mortgage rates are down. Our payment would be half what we pay now, if you can believe that.  But like the house, we've suffered from the economy too and I don't known when we'll ever be on our feet again enough to move.  But I was looking at schools for our hopeful future foster/adopt and our local Elementary school is about as bad as you can get.  93% of kids qualify for free lunches.  The test scores are almost half the county's average.  If we moved it would be a better school.  If we moved we'd have a third bedroom for an office.  It has a giant screened in porch.  It has a detached garage with electricity (I could paint furniture!).  It's my dream and it's right there.

It's the saddest thing in the world but I'm going to be so happy tomorrow.

Update: Rescheduled viewing for Saturday.  Oh well.


  1. So how did the showing go? It seems like if everything could align in your favor this house would help you get on your feet being half as expensive. Good luck in everything!

  2. Good luck!

    P.S. Re your lament about Candy Crush's five lives, if you go to settings and set your date a day ahead, you will get five new lives. You can keep doing that, and then just set back to correct date.