Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Tortoise Timeline

Just a brief update so you guys realize how painfully slow all this is, we received confirmation of the class dates in October.  First day is our anniversary, poetic, no?  This is a 30 hour class so that breaks down to 5 weeks, classes twice a week, for three hours each.  Crazy, right?  What if every parent had to take a 30 hour class.  Wouldn't that be something?  But for now, and probably always, it's just prospective foster parents.

I have no idea what you can possibly discuss for 30 hours.  It's apparently not a parenting class.  So I'm thinking it's 30 hours on to become attached to a child and return him to the mom 8 months later.

I'll keep you updated.  We still have not finished our li.fe story or gotten our fingerprints.  Plenty of time still.


  1. If I remember forrectly...and it was a couple of years ago now...there was a segment on birth family relationships, there was a section about being a conspicous family (if you were, like we are, different races), a section on recognizing and handeling yor child's grief responses (PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS ONE- I wish I had), a section on handeling intrusive questions from strangers and guarding your child's story and a section about telling your child their (potentially hard) story and making foster/adoption talk a normal every day part of your life.

    We chose to do it online through "adoption learning partners" but there is something to be said for going to the classes and meeting other families like yours. We met some though our waiting parents group but those who went to the classes really developed a bond and long term friendship.

    Best of luck and enjoy the classes!!

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