Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fifteen Years and Counting...

I still love the house.  It's 15 years and 2 owners later and NOTHING has been done to this house other than paint and letting it fall apart.  I'm amazed.  I want to wrap this little cottage up in a blanket and take care of it.  It needs it. 

Unfortunately we are just not in a financial state right now where we can buy a house and have the money to throw at it.  The realtor and we think somewhere in the neighborhood of $30k just for the basics.  And in a different world maybe Brian and I could swing putting on a new roof and updating the electricity, put in a new tub and then SLOWLY do the rest, and trust me, this is right up my alley, but there's no way right now.  A couple years from now, possibly.  But house prices will probably go up in that time.

And Brian's right, there are houses like this all over town, it's not even in my preferred neighborhood.  The main problem with the house that can't really be fixed is the extremely awkward dining room and kitchen.  I made a graphic for demonstration purposes.

The dining room is on the left and it's right off the living room with a super cute arch.  It's so tiny that if I put in my table that I have now, and it's not that big, I think you'd have to scoot around it to get into the entrance of the kitchen.

Then you enter into the kitchen which is basically a hallway with a turn into the den, the addition in the back.  The fact that it's super tiny isn't even it's biggest problem but that it's your main access to half the house.  Any party that you have or guests you have over go through this room hallway to the den. 

But even if you remove that the kitchen is so tiny.  The boxes on the left are the stove and the refrigerator.  The circle on the back right is the world's largest hot water heater.  The long rectangle is basically all the storage your kitchen will hold.  Granted it's not far removed from the space I'm used to in the yellow house.  If we removed the water heater and built a shed for it outside (our brilliant plan that we stole from a neighbor and used at the yellow and blue house) then you could put in a pantry there and have a pretty good amount of storage.  The sink is original white cast iron with the built in dish drain on the side and I'd have to keep it.  The cabinets are original and although cute wouldn't really work in a functioning kitchen.  How to fit in a dishwasher and what to do with the refrigerator/stove side.  Ideally you'd want a Smeg or a counter depth refrigerator (they are taller and don't stick out as far).  A full size stove would barely fit and I personally don't like a free floating stove in a kitchen, maybe you could stick a tiny cabinet next to it.  But it's still a hallway.  It's still extremely impractical for parties and Thanksgiving.

But I'd still do it anyway.

The extra bedroom would be awesome for an office/craft room.  The master is HUGE, like the old house huge.  The den is great, it's nice to have a TV room and a sitting/reading room.  The 3rd bedroom is way in the front, totally private and quiet, perfect for a kid.  The screened porch, though it needs help, is the most adorable screened porch I've ever seen.  It has an artsy broken mosaic floor and is built up with a stacked stone ledge.  The backyard is huge and the garage is so great and so needed.  Lots of planter beds around begging for attention.

Sigh.  Oh well, it was fun to see it.

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