Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Goodbye, Fair Dress

Today I had to say goodbye to my favorite summer wardrobe item.

If we could just have a moment of silence.  Thank you.  This dress was everything you could want in a summer dress.  It was cheap, it was cotton, it was colorful, and it was flattering.  It's a chore to check off a few items on this list, to find them all is really special.  I wore the heck out of this dress.  Yesterday I noticed the fabric was thinning and it had a couple of holes.

Old Navy was incapable of providing a comparable dress this season, most offerings waver between unflattering and not made of cotton (why?!) so the remainder of the summer will not be the same, that is for sure.


  1. Hate it when a beloved wardrobe item gives out and you can't find a suitable replacement. I think Gap has some cute sundresses that might suit but I didn't check to see if they were cotton or not. (What's up with all of the non-cotton summer dresses? Do other people not have to go outside or something???)

    1. I never realized this until I started reading blogs but a lot of people don't have hot summers. Even like when we go on vacation we go somewhere to get a break from the heat. I can't wait to wear a sweatshirt! Summers here are just brutal and cotton's breathability is a must.