Thursday, July 18, 2013

End of the Debacle

My ebay selling debacle got worse.  The man finally received his package and the camera was not inside.  It seems the time is was sitting god knows where someone opened it and removed the contents, resealed it and mailed it anyway.  I wasn't really sure how to handle the situation, especially considering the guy was so irrate and I was so tired of dealing with him and honestly, my first instinct told me the same guy who has been emailing me 1000 times about where's my camera was the dick who would tell me it was empty and keep the camera.

I called ebay to see what rights sellers have and they told me to have the buyer open a case.  And that was not helping.  I was on vacation with spotty internet service trying to read updates at a cafe with terrible wi-fi, nerve racked and pissed off, and nothing was happening and the guy was still freaking out.  At some point I guess ebay was supposed to get involved but it just went on and on and nothing happened but the guy continuing to send emails.  I just refunded him to make the pain stop.

I went back to D.epot to see if I could get more information and they said there had been 3 claims that week!  So it's pretty apparent to me someone at D.epot is snatching packages.  They filed the insurance claim for me and I'm so completely doubtful I'll get the insurance money, you have no idea.

The moral is, I'm never selling anything on ebay again.  Thanks ebay.  Thanks USPS.  Thanks De.pot.

In other news, man I'm such a weirdo about my house.  I do not like to have my house sat.  This was the first year that instead of having someone come over twice a day to take care of the cats, we had someone live here.  And it's not a privacy thing, it's a cleaning thing.  I'm so particular about everything and the correct way to use something and I want my house to look like it did when I left, though I realize a week's worth of four cats is going to have consequences, I just want everything else to stay exactly the same.  I don't want to worry if the white enamel sink is going to get scratched or the washer will grow mold because it's not left open to dry after a load, etc, etc, etc... I must be the only person in the world like this.  I'm a crazy person.

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  1. Okay, I might be a little like you on the stuff and germs thing!

    Keep after the insurance. Seems like someone owes you. I like UPS for that. Automatic $100 insurance and you can purchase more. They are pretty good about paying up if need be, too.