Friday, July 05, 2013

Because it Sucks, Man

I feel like every time I sell (or buy) on ebay it gets worse.  This is the latest ebay nightmare.

My camera sold on Friday around 10 pm.  I'm allowed 3 days handling time, which I needed because we share the car.  I mailed it on Wednesday around 3 pm.  USPS was $5 cheaper than UPS so I went with USPS at Offi.c.e D.e.pot.  It was mailed priority mail with a tracking number.  USPS picks up at 2pm so I lost another day, which in hindsight, sucks but I was told it would arrive that Saturday, no big deal.  I put in the tracking info on ebay when I got home. 

The next morning, Thursday, I get an email.  Can you tell me when you mailed this package, etc.  I told him I dropped it at D.epot and they told me it would arrive on Saturday.  Obviously it didn't get there on Saturday or there wouldn't be a nightmare unfurling.

On Monday he emails me again, where's the package, you told me it would be here on Saturday.  I drove to Offi.ce D.epot where she tried to help me by calling USPS but got nowhere.  After standing with her while she was on hold for about 20 minutes I drove to USPS.  I stood in line.  The USPS guy said he could not give me any other information than what was online.

Oh, by the way, there was nothing online.  It had been checked in and that was it.  That's why I went to De.pot to make sure the package was picked up because it was never scanned as being processed at a sorting facility or anything.  Nada.  Zilch.  The Postman was on hiatus taking snapshots with my camera at that very moment, I was certain.

I replied back and the guy was pissed but glad I guess that I was apologizing for something I had nothing do with over something that was never guaranteed to be there at a certain date, I had every right to send it First Class and it would get there sometime next month if it wanted to.

I decided after that email where I apologized again and said I would to go USPS to check on it today, that I would stop reading his emails.  They were stressing me out.  Today I go to read his messages, 2 more for that day and yesterday.  Finally something had showed up yesterday that it was being delivered today.

Besides the fact that the tracking by USPS was bullshit and I did send it Priority Mail which the USPS guy told me should take 3 days and it took 7, all in all the package got to him in 2 weeks.  From my ebay, etsy, and Amazon experiences, that's nothing to send 5, FIVE, 5 emails about.

Yes, it sucked the tracking isn't working.  Maybe send me one message knowing there's really nothing I can do but to get more information.  Then, pretty much, you are waiting it out.  There's no need to keep emailing me how you still haven't gotten it and Of.fice De.pot lied to me.  Yes, the US government broke a promise.  Surprise, surprise.

Of.fice De.pot also called me yesterday but I didn't listen to the message until today (I didn't know it was them, it's been a rough week and I was too stressed to listen to the message).  They were telling me the same thing that it was being delivered today.  They said I could call for more information, which I did and no one there knew what I was talking about.  A corporation hides the truth.  Surprise, surprise.

So, the lesson learned.  Mail your shit early.  Sure you don't have to but avoid the stress, get it out of the house.  Two, USPS is bullshit.  Go with UPS and for god's sake don't use D.epot.  Go to the UPS store. I mailed my other camera that I sold from there and paid twice as much as USPS but they packed it for me and shipped it, I knew where that package was at any given moment.  I haven't even heard from that guy and I don't have a clue if it was delivered but I bet it was.  Three, try not to sell anything on ebay, you know it's going to suck.  You won't make as much money as you think you will.  Ebay takes their cut, Paypal takes their cut, Packing supplies take their cut, Postage takes their cut, and what's left is hardly worth it when it's all said and done. 

When the hoarding people come to my house and wonder why it's so stockpiled I'll tell them, "Cause ebay sucks, man, ebay sucks."

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  1. I always give folks at least 3 weeks before I start with the emails. Now, maybe that is because I am in Canada and stuff needs to cross the border and I've been ebaying since 1997 so I konw you need to have a little patience. Folks just need to chill out. He probably got a nice deal on the camera and didn't have to go to a store which, to me, is an excellent bonus!