Thursday, June 27, 2013

Letters to Myself

For the past couple of years at the end of our yearly vacation to the Adirondack mountains I write myself a little note to pop up on my phone a year later.  I list things that I think will help me plan for next year and improve the packing and planning of the vacation.

I just received last year's message today.  Here it is:

Getting a message from myself a year later has to be one of the greatest things I've ever done in my life.  I get such a kick out of the them. 

We haven't really found a cabin, or I haven't really found a cabin, that really felt right, until we got the one we stayed at last year.  Friends of Brian's family were staying there a couple years ago and we went over the visit them and it was like the best place ever.  It just felt so comfortable and not creepy and I wanted to stay there so bad.  The folks that own the house visit it every weekend so they only rent it out during the week, which is unusual because most people who rent a house stay for a week not Sunday to Friday.  But the house is so awesome I didn't care.  We'll stay at a hotel the other nights, I'll sleep in the car, I do not care, this is the house.

Getting this message and assuring myself, oh yeah, well watch me eat fruit this year SUCKER! makes me so happy for our trip.  I cannot wait.


  1. Replies
    1. The evil pillow goes back to when Brian and I started dating, over 10 years ago! I can't believe that. Brian sleeps with 3 pillows. His pillow under his head and a pillow on either side of him. The pillow that's between us in the middle of the bed is called the evil pillow because it comes between us. A little joke. I reminded myself to bring one because usually the extra pillows get nixed on anything smaller than a king bed for lack of space but Brian grabbed a pillow from the rental house to use last year and the ick factor got to me so I'm bringing an extra pillow. He's out the "other pillow" or "OP" as we call it, the pillow on the edge of the bed. ;-)

  2. Love this - what a great idea, Lori! Also, I wish I'd emailed myself at Fitbloggin last year that I should remember the good camera AND lenses (since it turns out I only remembered to pack the lenses but no camera).

    1. I can almost top that. I decided recently I really wanted to upgrade to a DSLR camera. So I sold both of my old cameras on ebay to offset the price and the timing was bad because I won't be able to get a new camera until we are home from our trip. So it's another year with just my iphone. Next year, though, next year will be great.