Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dear Me and the Old Lady I Have Become

Every time I sell something on Ebay, which isn't that often I go to box my item for shipping and can't find the bubble wrap.  I search high and low in the house and then certain I have bubble wrap at the office I check there too.  And I never find the bubble wrap.

So I buy bubble wrap at Office Depot further reducing my profit (bubble wrap is expensive) and ship my package and then I come home and look for a place to store the remainder of my bubble wrap, like that giant basket above the office armoire and there I find 3 rolls of partially used bubble wrap.

Why can I remember that I have bubble wrap and not remember where it is?  And why is it driving home from Office Depot I always think, oh, I'll put this in the basket and yet I can't seem to remember that before hand?

The letter is for me six months from now when I go to ship something else.

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