Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Crazy Town

Remember back in the day when you decided you wanted a blog you just spent 10 minutes on blogger setting it up and starting typing and whatever popped into your brain.

I just "read" a blog entry about throwing a donut party, of all things, that required a photographer and two stylists.  For a donut party!  You don't even cook!  You buy donuts, stick them in a bowl and voila, instant lazy party.

Imagine going to someone's house for a party and they're all, "It's a donut party!"  And you're all, "No, this is breakfast at my grandmother's house."

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Perfect Sideboard For the Perfect Price

This one didn't come with measurements but barring that, this one is pretty much EXACTLY what I'm looking for and the price is right at $165.00.

Look at all that storage!  Granted I'd have to paint this one but I was planning on that anyway.  Unfortunately, I'm riddled with a cold and don't even have the energy to find out anything about it or go and buy the darn thing.  But I'm going to wish I pulled the trigger one day.

Oh yeah, remember that perfect sideboard with all the storage Christmas party?  Too bad we don't have it for today.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Buffet Search

I've had "buffet" and "sideboard" rss search on craigslist for a few months now, maybe longer.  Today this one showed up in my list.

Isn't it adorable?  I'm thinking hard about this one.  I was hoping for more storage than 2 drawers but this one has me written all over it.

The State of the Backyard

I'm about to blow your mind.

This was the backyard of the blue house around the time that we bought it.

Inside that really decrepit shed (I wouldn't even go inside) there were toys, a little kid used to play in there.

But, never fear after Brian and a friend spent many days beating up the concrete with a sledgehammer and clearing the brush and putting in a new fence along the sides, it looked like this.

When we tried to sell the blue house we planted pittosporum and oleanders. That winter was unusually cold and all the oleanders died leaving just the pittosporum in the corners. Notice how flat the yard was.

One of our tenants was thrilled with the backyard and said she wanted to have a garden and we were so excited. When she moved she left this monstrosity behind. She had put out a lot of bricks that I had to remove and the ground was no longer level. When she would plant something she'd leave the extra dirt in a pile and eventually there were unlevel areas all over the yard. It's still not perfect though I've tried to get it level with a rake.

I don't have any photos of last summer but I managed to plant a couple of camellias and transplant a few things from the yellow house and put out endless bags of mulch and attempt to grow grass.  Last year I also painted the fence white, which caused me to break down, luckily Brian came to the rescue and we finished it up. 

This year we planted more things and today it looks like this.

These photos are after the camellias bloomed and before the hydrangeas but you can see it's come a long way.  I'm still working on the grass.  Some of the grass is really tall and most of it is so short and it doesn't grow, it's so bizarre.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wish List - New iPhone Case

Don't get me wrong, I love my iphone case.

But ever since Rifle Paper Co released their new iphone cases, I've really wanted to get one.  I can't decide between the Botanical Rose and the Spanish Rose.  I like the colors of the Spanish Rose better but I feel like the Botanical Rose will suit my white iphone better.  Ah, maybe one day.

The Striped Rose

In the past I haven't had much luck with mail ordered plants but my love for striped roses was too strong to overcome and I couldn't find any local so I decided to give it a shot.

Most offerings were red and white, leaning to burgundy and cream (not my bag) so when I came across a pink and white variety called Rosa Mundi from David Austin Roses I decided to go for it.

It doesn't look like much now, a twig basically, but I'll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Feel Totally Violated

Holy Cow, you guys.  I just found out an entire copy of my blog from way back was copied and it out there completely published on the internet by some person I can't even contact.  And blogger's method for handling the whole thing is kind of ridiculous.  If anyone has any pointers about helping me get my copyrighted work off someone else's blog please let me know.  There's no email address unfortunately so I can't even contact the copyright infringer myself.  So I'm kind of freaked out about that because I thought all that stuff was moved to a private area.  I can't even believe it's possible to steal my entire blog and post it someone else under another name.

Hopefully it will get resolved very soon.