Tuesday, April 09, 2013


So the plea bargain finally happened today in the case for the guy who broke into our house last year.  I went to court this time and got to see the guy who broke into our house.  I've already seen photos of him, I've even read his twitter account, but it's always different seeing someone in person, especially like this.

He's 18 years old with an 8th grade education and he already has 3 felony convictions.  I'm pretty sure, thanks to google and a very odd name, he did some juvenile stuff too.

And I wrote this letter, actually it's the second letter, the first letter was more for the judge, the second was for U, and I'm not sure what I thought, I write, that's what I do, and so I did.  And Brian gave it to the DA because he knew he couldn't read it or he would cry so she read it out in court today.  I was already emotional and trying to will myself to not be emotional, which is pretty hard to do, and I knew I was in trouble when she was going to read it, and she did and I cried and Brian cried a little too.

Then the judge asked U. if he had any thing to say and he just wanted to be sure he was going to get time served in jail towards his prison sentence.  That was all he cared about.  The judge said he would and U. grinned (I know that he grinned because another attorney told us this after the plea). 

There was also a matter of restitution for his other felony that happened before us, he got probation for that case and broke this probation with his new charges so the restitution was being revisited.  It appears U. stole someone's moped and caused a lot of damage to it and then disputed the restitution the victims were asking for.  I just can't tell you how insane I think this is.  Now due to all the new stuff that's going on and knowing that he doesn't have to pay restitution, it only hurts your personal credit score to not pay the restitution, he's agreed to paying the extra amount.

He's been in jail for a while now, I think since October, and I think he has about another year in prison.

It's pretty evident that my letter was pretty moot but I guess the point of it really was to make me feel better and for me to get closure.  So there you go, it's closed now, that chapter can be filed away for good now.

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