Friday, March 29, 2013


Well, I wanted to be able to leave comments completely open but holy cow, I get multiple spam comments every day, it's crazy and frustrating.  I keep getting excited that I have a comment and then it's some formula comment with a website link.  So I apologize in advance if it makes commenting harder, it didn't want it to be this way.

I know I haven't been posting very much and I really want that to change.  Sometimes it's hard to post when you don't want to offend anyone but I don't even know if things are worth saying if they don't offend somebody.

Someone commented on another blogger's site that they used the wrong spelling of the saying, "back and forth" and they were kind of mean about it, like ha, ha, you pretty girl, it's "back and fourth," better luck next time empty brain and I was like jeez, I really thought it was back and forth but even if it's not do you have to dig at someone over a misspelling?  And then I looked it up and unless my search is wrong, it is "back and forth" and I wanted to go back and be like, "stupid head, it is back and forth," but I didn't.

My SIL posted photos on Facebook of her daughter with adorable bunny ears on.  It was so cute and then I started getting sad.  I get sad less and less but sometimes something really strikes me.  I'll never be able to put bunny ears on my baby.  Like it's the worst thing imaginable.  And it's not really, it's not the end of the world.

I decided a while back the best way to handle holidays is to take charge of them.  If Halloween makes me sad because I'll never have that memory of trick or treating with my children then I'll start throwing a dinner party on Halloween to distract myself.  And it works, it really does.  I make Christmas a big deal because I love Christmas and decorate the house and put up a tree, these things are supposed to be important because you're making memories for your kids but I make it important for us.  And then I throw a Christmas party at our house just to make sure all the decorating is justified.

I've been looking forward to dyeing eggs, another family tradition, and it's so easy thanks to Pinterest because ALL of the dyeing ideas are for adults.  Oh really, you're going to teach your 2 year old to gold leaf an egg.  I don't think so.  Parents are shrink wrapping those plastic covers onto eggs just like my mom used to.  So I was excited about how fancy I could get dyeing those eggs, I was looking forward to it, and then bam: baby in bunny ears.

So now, I'm totally nervous about going to my dad's for Easter.  Am I going to break down and start crying at the sight of my brother and his wife and his two adorable children making Easter memories while Brian and I watch from the sidelines?


  1. It is tough, particularly at holidays, and I'm just now getting better at doing what makes me happy and making things special for me (and Mick, if he chooses to participate - he hates holidays). There is still an ache where a child should be but it doesn't hurt as much as it used to.

  2. keep writing!! i love love love love your posts. and hugs.

  3. keep writing--i love love love your posts! and hugs.