Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Gross, Rayon

I think one of the hardest problems with being a plus sized girl is trying to find clothes that are stylish and come in your size.  Just because someone is overweight does not mean they have to dress dumpy or wear polyester all the time.  And yet, it's nearly impossible to find clothes that aren't made of polyester and/or look dumpy.

One dress that has caught my eye a time or two is this one by Anthropologie. 

I've seen it on famous people, bloggery people, and even flaunting its tiny size in the store window.  I know better than to fall in love with something like this but I love the stripes and the red and it's so cute...

So when Old Navy came out with this dress I gasped a little. 

And then I realized it was made of rayon and cried why or why to the Old Navy gods.  But last week I was trying to get to $50 for free shipping so I had it shipped to be just to give it a shot.


Sigh.  This is the frumpiest dress I may have ever tried on in my life.


  1. Check out Talbots and Lands End. Of course they are both pretty expensive but they have nice clothes in plus sizes with NATURAL FIBERS!

  2. I have curves and can not wear anything like that either. It looks so cute in pics but on me - fail.

  3. Wish I could wear something like that, but it's not for me. It's very cute for the right person, however.