Friday, January 18, 2013

New Conference Room

From time to time my husband will agree to some sort of barter for payment for legal services. Can I just say this almost never works out. The only time I can really think of it working was when we moved from the yellow house to the blue house.

Anyway we have drop ceiling at the office and my husband is not a fan. He's slowly been trying to replace the drop ceiling with a regular ceiling. So far only 2 rooms have been done. He's bartering with a client to do a third room, the conference room.

The first thing that happened was the conference table broke. The conference table was the old dining room table in the old house. When we downsized one of the table sets had to go and shabby chic won out. But we were lucky that we could use the dining room set at the office. It was a little big for a narrow conference room but hey we've made it work for quite a few years now. We've always wanted to replace the conference room furniture but there's a lot of things we want to do. There's always something to do. When the client came in and it was time for destruction Brian helped him move the table and expressed how it was an old piece of furniture and needed to be moved a certain way. Later the client moved the table himself and oops, it broke. So we are now buying a conference table and chairs a little earlier than we wanted.

I searched high and low for sharp, modern conference tables and found a few choices I liked but I could not seem to get the price less than $175 a chair. At the office store where we bought the conference table they had used blue chairs for $39 a piece. I wavered back and forth but in the end I went with the $40 chairs. All 4 of them ended up being less than 1 of the chairs that I wanted.

I also want to get a rug but that may be on the back burner for a little while as well. Here is the mock up I made on Polyvore for how the conference room should look. I'm also going to repaint the room. I've painted quite a few rooms in Brian's office and every single color does something weird in there, maybe it's the fluorescent lighting or the fact that there's very little natural lighting to begin with. I'm keeping it simple and going with a delicate light gray. Can't wait to see what oddity comes out of my simple choice. That gray went totally baby blue! It's brown! It looks like worm poop! Okay, enough of that.

The only thing different in this mockup is we got the table in black. I'm amazed I can't find this table in black anywhere on the internet. We are also replacing the florescent lighting with a regular light fixture and I decided after much browsing to go with a fixture that looks a little industrial. I wish I could get a bigger one to make more of an impact but we'll see how this one goes.

New Conference Room

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  1. What an interesting story. We had a similar situation with our training room. It used to be a mish mosh of all different furniture but now that we found the greatest training room tables and chairs it looks so much better! Plus the employees like it a lot!