Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Break In Update

I'm not even sure how many new readers I have so I'm about to repeat myself to get everyone caught up... Just to warn you.

I suffered some pretty intense stomach issues right after Valentine's Day (for a short while I thought I had food poisoning from The Melting Pot ;-) I was never sure if I cooked my protein long enough).  I ended up seeing a doctor after a week and a half who prescribed Imodium (used to control diarrhea).  I didn't really have diarrhea but I chalked it up to not knowing what I was talking about, when you describe pain as "all over here" and circling your entire midsection you aren't giving a doctor much to go on.  Our Oscar party was that Sunday and I wanted to cancel but Brian didn't because we cancelled last year's Oscar party when we went to New York because Brian's dad had a heart attack.  So he agreed to do everything and my god, that man pulled it off.  He made appetizer portions of Chicken Cordon Bleu all by himself with my grunts and hand gestures of how to do it.  He was awesome.

I tried spending the night sitting very still and I remember at one point thinking to myself I should just go in the bedroom and stretch out.  I had developed some stretches that I felt helped, I don't think they really did though.  I realized in the bedroom that I couldn't get up.  This pain had just gotten to a new level, a very scary level.  Brian came in and I started crying and said, "I think I'm dying and I don't know why."  One of my more odd quotes.  He had everyone leave and we changed clothes and headed to the hospital, he had to help me change clothes, that's how bad I was.

I ended up having an emergency appendicitis and it was pretty serious.  I ended up spending four nights in the hospital (including my all night waiting in the emergency room).  On Wednesday night I remember watching television with Brian and telling him he should go home.  It was during Whitney and I knew he didn't like that show.

He got home and our house had been broken into.  They broke in the back bedroom window and riffled mostly through the bedroom and took all three televisions: a small ones in the bedroom and kitchen and the big monstrous one in the living room.  They also took my camera and Brian's 3gs iphone.  I think Brian almost walked in on them because you'd be surprised by all the stuff they left behind.

I didn't know any of this happened and when I went to call Brian the next day he didn't answer his phone.  I text him and still nothing.  I called the office and they were acting very weird.  The hospital wanted me to check out and hours were going by.  Finally Brian called me.  The first thing he said is, "everything is fine, the cats are fine."  This of course made me panic.

Many months past and I didn't think much else about it.  This isn't the first time things were stolen from us and even the blue house was broken into about a year ago when we had renters.  But then Brian got a phone call that they had a match from fingerprints taken from out house.  A kid who broke into another house was caught and they matched his fingerprints to our house break in.  Wow, crazy news.

I ended up finding the kid's twitter account which I was obsessed with for a while and started going a little nuts about.  I don't read it any more.  Let me just say this.  When I first heard about this kid after my initial anger wore off, I thought about him and thought maybe there was some way we could help this guy.  We don't have kids and maybe we could help him with trade school or something.  Whatever he needed to help him get on the right track.  I don't live in the best neighborhood but one thing you notice is kids are kids.  We are all born the same.  What happens to them and when to make them lose that innocence and how can we help is something I think about a lot.  Maybe this kid was meant to be helped by us.

But then I found his twitter account and Brian went to his first appearance and talked to the officers.  This is not a good kid.  He's really lost and he can't come back from here.  He grew up in a family of law breakers and has been breaking the law since he was a little kid.  He thinks everything happens to him, he's the victim in all this.  If everyone would just leave him alone.  Money and guns and drugs are all that matter to him.

Since he turned himself in he didn't do any jail time.  Since this happened before the conviction of his other break in it doesn't count as breaking his probation from the first conviction.  His next court date was tomorrow.  But today he just got arrested for having a firearm and Brian says this is a big deal.  He's going to do time for this for sure.

This whole time all I wanted was for our case to be its own thing, I didn't want it tacked onto his other break in and I wanted him to do time (though it was explained to me that he most likely wasn't going to do time).  Instead this was going to be another conviction that when he does the next thing would break the probation.  But since he has the firearm thing that breaks his first probation and he goes to prison for that.  Our break in will likely now be lumped with the firearm thing, lost again, pretty much a freebie which is the one thing I didn't want.

Brian says its going to take a long time but he will go to prison for the firearm, for at least a year.  I guess in a way he's doing time so I should be happy but I wanted him to be punished for what he did to us, specifically. 

But that's where we are.  I don't think I'll have much more to post about it since now everything will take so long.  We never got an alarm system because we thought they did a credit check.  But they installed for us with no issue.  I wish we had not waited for something like this to happen to install the alarm.  Live and learn.



  1. What a story. Are you brave enough to try to host again, or has the universe spoken for that theme party?

    It is a fact that the dIe is cast very young for many people.

    You write as if you have archives (your first line of this post) - ?

    1. I do have archives, all my old stuff is hidden away. Just new stuff now. We will host another Oscar party. This one, except for my stupid appendix was the best one yet! Everyone was having a great time and staying late, no one ever stays late! I use pinterest to plan through out the year. It's great fun and one of my favorite parties to have (tv watching, yay!)


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    1. I'm going to check these out, thanks!