Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meet a Cat - Andy

We were watching this show the other day called The Woman with 700 Cats.  It was about this lady and her cat shelter and though I couldn't watch it for very long, a tiny kitten died and I started crying and that was the end of that.  But I got her, I got how she got there with 700 cats.

We are up to 5 cats and it's been hard to not have more.  It's been a sad week because one of outdoor kittens got sick and we ended up taking him to the vet where they put him to sleep and it reminded me of the kittens from the Spring and how they all died except of course Grayson and one outdoor cat named Mini Gus.  I could have brought that kitten inside, I could bring all the kittens inside and save them all!  But we can't.  Five cats is too much.  But we saved five cats.

Andy is one of them.

From time to time a cat will show up in the backyard of Brian's office building.  His building is right in the heart of downtown and we have a little backyard that's fenced in and behind that is a bank parking lot and then the back of a bank. There's a string of office buildings lined up like Brian's.  I don't think any of them have yards but Brian's.

One day Brian called me and said this adult cat showed up and unlike most ferals, he was super friendly.  Brian opened the backdoor and this cat just walks right in.  You could pet him or pick him up, whatever.  We started putting out food for him and letting him come in for a while during the day.  It didn't take long to install a cat door and Andy could come inside whenever he felt like it.  One day Brian was in a conference with a client and Andy jumped in the client's lap.  Often he would just sleep in the conference room in one of the chairs and no one would even know he was there.

Andy had a bad habit and that was his love for killing creatures and bestowing the remains or mostly dead remains on his new family.  Brian would arrive at the office and often find scatters of bird feathers or carcasses left in the kitchen.  No one really liked this.  Well, Andy did.

A short time after that Brian came in the office and found Andy pretty badly beaten up with a huge ugly sore on his nose.  It was time to take Andy to the vet.  His nose was badly infected and he either got into a fight with another cat or some other animal.  The safe thing to do would be to bring Andy home and make him an indoor cat. 

His transition to indoor cat went awesomely.  He only tried to get out once and ran immediately under the house where Brian had to crawl under the house to get him and pull him out.  He never tried to escape after that.

Andy is 100% personality.  He makes us laugh more than any other cat, including the kittens Fox or Grayson.  His mix of finicky and affection is endearing. He also immediately became alpha cat, I feel bad for Aidan, but there was no other option.  We often try to imagine where Andy came from, did his family drop him behind the bank.  Were they just moving and couldn't take him or were they mad at him?  When Andy does something off, I often wonder about that.  Did they hurt him?  Did they think he was an ass?  Andy can be an ass sometimes.  When we moved from the yellow house to the blue house Andy had a difficult time, hiding under the covers of the bed for days.  I wonder if it's some sort of left over anxiety from his former life, is he afraid we're going to abandon him? We'll never let you go, Andy, we love you so.

The most remarkable thing about Andy is how much he adores kittens.  When we brought Fox in he was enraptured with Fox.  He was so gentle and loving and let Fox beat him up and never tried to hurt him back.  Although he has a special affection for Fox he's always been extra gentle with Grayson as well.  When he wants to play with the kitten, he'll flop on his back and wait for the kitten to jump on him.  He chases them around and let's them win.  It's so much fun to watch.

Andy also is a great cuddler.  He loves to cuddle during TV time on the sofa.  On the bed he likes to sleep between your legs and it sounds sweet but he weighs 100 pounds and won't let you adjust.  After a few years I finally got him to go sleep on Brian.

Andy is Brian's cat.  He waits for Brian to come home and runs to the front door to greet him like a dog would.  It's so sweet.  Most of the cats are obvious mom lovers so it makes me happy that Andy prefers Brian to me.

All our other cats came to us as kittens but Andy certainly proves that inviting an older cat into your home can be equally loving and enjoyable.  Andy is a treat and we wouldn't trade him for the world.

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