Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Laundry Room Progress

Oh my god I can't believe I did this. 

This stupid door has been off the hinges for weeks waiting for the handy man to come cut it for me.  Finally today I thought, why can't I do this?  Just because I'm scared to do it.  Just because if I mess up I can't run out and get another door?  Why should that stop me...

So I improvised some saw horses, loaded up my jig saw, and went slow and steady.  I did it, I can't believe it!

So much cleaner.  The new pantry cabinet cost more than I wanted it to but the results are really terrific despite the price.  I want to move the washer/dryer a bit to the left so it doesn't look crammed against the wall and curtains.  In the future I still have space to put in another pantry cabinet if I want but there are more pressing house to do issues to resolve first.


  1. You did a great job! It looks like a professional cut that out. I love the chevron curtains too.

  2. Did you line the bottom of the cabinet with something? All of my under sink cabinets are lined with laminate. So it is the same stuff used to make counter tops, it is just not glued down, it is cut and simply resting in place.

  3. Could you post a picture with the door open? I'm curious about how much room there is for the litter box. Do the cats not balk at using the hole in the door?

  4. Such a clever, handy girl - it looks wonderful!