Sunday, October 21, 2012

10 Ways You Know You're a Cat Mom*

1.  You're a girl and you have a cat

2.  You finish vacuuming the house and then walk past 3 cat fur bunnies on the way to put the vacuum away.

3.  At least one of the cats will throw up at least one time any day you are expecting visitors.

4.  You can tell when it's cold outside because the cat will sleep on the heat vent.

5.  It's impossible to not have paw prints on the countertops.

6.  You're never in the bathroom alone.  One likes to nap on the floor mat while you pee, another likes to lick the shower tiles while you shower.

7.  You have $100 worth of cat toys and they prefer the box from

8.  You know which cat gets flea medicine first, otherwise he'll smell it on the others and hide where you'll never be able to get to him.

9.  The smelliest poops occur right after you scoop the litter.

10.  You've mastered the art of pretzel sleeping so as not to disturb the cat sleeping in the crook of your knee.  

* because as a cat mom who has time for 100.

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