Saturday, September 08, 2012

New Island

I really want to replace the kitchen cart we have.  I bought it in a hurry at Ikea and it was never meant to be permanent.  The one I've wanted all along was from Crate & Barrel and it's around $1000.  But now that I've had my cart for almost 12 months now, I'm realizing that I have enough open storage in the kitchen and open storage on the cart itself is a dust collector, cat hair collector, and all around mess.  I was checking out my pinterest (have I mentioned how much I love pinterest?) and someone was pinning a few kitchen islands and I clicked over and began looking around myself.  It was here that I saw a kitchen island from for $408.  I've also been coveting these barstools from Home Decorators.  The $25 shipping really hurts along with sales tax, boo.  But this island, this island I really want...

New Kitchen Island

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