Sunday, September 02, 2012

Indian Summer

It's that weird ready for summer to be over time when summer is just not ready.  Spiders are plentiful and I'm just not happy about that.  If two cats are focused on anything it's a bug or spider so I pretty much panic when I see two cats looking at anything.  Most people get their taxes done in April but we do the extension thing so this is basically tax season for me and it sucks every year.  Every year I claim next year I'll be more organized.  Tomorrow will be another day pouring over the same spreadsheet multiple times wanting to kill myself.  But next year, next year I'll be ready.  I'm going to be so organized!

I'm also already sick of dealing with this B&E thing.  He had first appearance but his bond is unsecured.  This made me mad and is just the first thing in a long series of things that is just going to make me mad.  And I don't want to be mad.  This guy does something to me and now I have to waste my time being mad at him?  I found his twitter account and have been hooked, reading it everyday.  This guy is all for show, it's such a joke.  He talks about all this money he has all the time and yet he has a court appointed attorney and lives in the projects.  Dude, you do not have any money.  You don't even steal the remotes when you take televisions, what kind of a jack ass does that?  How do you get any money for televisions this way?  Why aren't you wearing gloves, this is Break-In 101.  And he's going to get away with it.  He will not have active time, I already know this and I can't let it go.

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  1. I saw an awesome tweet today from Andy Borowitz: "The only difference between the Democratic and Republican conventions is the Democratic one is being held in the twenty-first century." ;)