Thursday, August 02, 2012

Totally NOT Helping

 I was reading Charleston hotel reviews and this hotel manager responds to a guest who said there was a bug in his ice bucket.  It was too good not to share:

This is a most unusual and unfortunate occurrence. The airborne palmetto bug is an insect native to the Charleston area that is often mistaken for a common cockroach due to their similarity in appearance. Because of the palmetto's ability to take flight these bugs can slip in through an open door. Therefore, it is impossible to tell when this palmetto managed to find its way into the Inn and into this guest's ice bucket. While we take full responsibility for our guests' experiences while staying with us, no member of the Vendue Inn team would overlook a palmetto in the ice bucket nor place ice in a bucket with a palmetto inside. 

Can I just tell you this manager's response just scared the daylights out of me about visiting Charleston.  Sir, you are not helping!  I was just about to book this hotel and now I'm just flat out worried.   You don't see a giant cockroach fly in the room?  I can hear them when they land.  THUD!  Mini-earthquake.

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  1. hi in taipei we have huge flying cockroaches. i almost didn't move here because of them. i am afraid to walk down the street at night as i envision them running up my pant leg!!!!
    it has never happened and we have never had them at home inside the house so just try not to worry. go and have fun. robin