Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm supposed to feel pretty here...

I was sitting in front of a full length mirror today waiting for my hair dresser to mix my hair color and I couldn't get away from looking at my body. Oh sure everyone looks bad sitting down in front of a full length mirror and I could even try to explain away my double chin by thinking it was a poor angle. But the thing I couldn't get away from, the thing I couldn't explain away are my ankles. I think I could almost learn to love myself being so overweight if not for my ankles.  And I had broken every rule. I removed my toenail polish last night and even cut my nails a little too short. I was wearing flip-flops, why oh why. I had a dress that was a tad too short. I was miserably uncomfortable in this chair I would be in for three full hours today, a dentist's chair is better than this. And my ankles, non-existent, wide, stretched, it was so wrong. When I look down on them they don't seem so bad, since they angle down, I suppose. I hate that this is a hate letter to myself but really, what the fuck Lori?


  1. Well, I don't think most people like seeing themselves hour after hour in the hairdresser's mirror. I usually take comfort in the all-emcompassing robe and ignore the bits I don't like. Sitting there with wet flat hair makes anyone feel bad....

    1. I feel like usually they have the vanity type like dresser with a mirror above, and yes even then it's not great, but this was an actual full length mirror. It was so awful.

  2. Can you ask the hairdresser to spin the chair so that you're facing away from the mirror? I have to do that all the time due to neck and stomach fat (thankfully my hairdresser's mirror stops at my mid-section).