Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm supposed to feel pretty here...

I was sitting in front of a full length mirror today waiting for my hair dresser to mix my hair color and I couldn't get away from looking at my body. Oh sure everyone looks bad sitting down in front of a full length mirror and I could even try to explain away my double chin by thinking it was a poor angle. But the thing I couldn't get away from, the thing I couldn't explain away are my ankles. I think I could almost learn to love myself being so overweight if not for my ankles.  And I had broken every rule. I removed my toenail polish last night and even cut my nails a little too short. I was wearing flip-flops, why oh why. I had a dress that was a tad too short. I was miserably uncomfortable in this chair I would be in for three full hours today, a dentist's chair is better than this. And my ankles, non-existent, wide, stretched, it was so wrong. When I look down on them they don't seem so bad, since they angle down, I suppose. I hate that this is a hate letter to myself but really, what the fuck Lori?

Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Problem that is the Litter Boxes

With five cats (oh-my-god) one litter box just wasn't cutting it.  I had to move up to two boxes.  And can I say, though they look hideous, 2 boxes is so much easier to clean!

It's like having 2 cats again, well, sort of.

But they look terrible and I've been trying to find a remedy forever.

I think ideally I would like to buy 2 of these boxes but I have some concerns. 

What if our cats don't like the top entry?  What if the box isn't big enough for the most gigantic cat of all time, Zimmy?  What if the kitten never learns to jump that high?  Ok, that probably won't happen, but so far, he can only get on the sofa by using his claws (that's so great).

I was thinking maybe reorganizing the left side of the kitchen to accommodate some sort of banquette or window seat and house the litter boxes inside.  I like this one and it looks easy to build using in standard kitchen cabinets but I don't think having access with only front doors will work.

So maybe something like this?

The handyman will have to build it and I don't think I want it to be permanent and I don't know how it will look just sitting there so I'm still trying to work it out.  I would cut access holes for the cats to enter and some sort of venting, maybe with radiator screen sort of like this:

I think it could work, money is the biggest issue.  We really need to get new flooring on the front porch.  Right now it's plywood and it's getting pretty rotten.  We have some serious ant issues that I've been trying to take care of with this stuff that looks like baby powder (very attractive) and the floor is actually starting to get weak.  It's not good.  Hopefully we can take care of that before the end of summer and then maybe I could talk to the handyman about this.

I'd have to switch out the shelf unit in the kitchen with the china cabinet in the dining room.  (I have no photos of the dining room?  What the heck?)  This photo is terrible and old.  I will try to update my photos but you get the idea, if this leaves the room I have all this extra space for a bench.

You know, ideally a litterbox could fit inside this shelving unit, that front thing at the bottom folds down but it's smaller than it looks and won't accommodate a giant Zimmy sized litter box (or two).  Plus I don't know if I could bring myself to cut holes in the side for the cats to enter.

 I could put shelves over the bench for extra storage?  Something like this:

Hmm, the ideas are endless.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Facing It

I did decide to go back on facebook but I'm only going to add close friends and even closer family.  I apologize to those who are trying to friend me but that's how I want it, at least for now. I practically post everything there here as well plus twitter, plus flickr (everything on twitter is on flickr, let's just say it's a lot of the same stuff, mostly cat photos).  You're not missing out on anything, trust me.  You can rss anyone's flickr feed, don't know if you know this, it's really great.  And don't forget pinterest, my second favorite to flickr.  Pinterest is awesome. <3