Thursday, May 31, 2012

File Under: Enough With the Stealing!

I do not know what to make of the fact that our porch swing cushion was stolen yesterday.  I know I sat on it Monday and then Tuesday was raining when we left for breakfast so I don't know if it was still there.  I do know when I was dropped off after breakfast it was gone.  Pouring tropical storm rains and it was gone.  Someone walked right past the ADT security sign in the yard to grab it.

And it wasn't even that nice!

The cushion itself is probably 20 years old, a hand me down from my mom that already had a slipcover.   I made another very handmade looking slipcover for it last year.  The swing is really falling apart.  The god awful plywood porch is repulsive.  Who looked at the disaster that is our front porch and said, "you know what, I want that ugly cushion and I'm getting it during this here tropical storm."

So now I have to replace the damn thing and I don't know exactly what to do.  I want to somehow lock it to the swing, which seems highly impractical.  Would a new one even get stolen?  Was it an isolated incident?  Is there money in used swing cushions that I don't know about?  I even thought about implanting a gps signal in a new cushion (all spy-like) so when someone takes it I can just go knock on their door to get it back.  And be rest assured, if I knew where my 20 year old swing cushion was I'd be knocking on their door getting that my cushion back.

I don't know if you've ever had anything stolen but it's such a weird feeling.  I keep thinking somehow I misplaced it, certainly I did.  I sat on the porch, well, I didn't sit because my cushion was gone and tried to imagine all the stuff out there to see if something else was gone.  It's so disconcerting.


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    1. I think that would be extremely difficult, but good suggestion. It was at the end of a large covered porch with the entrance on the side. and the cushion was quite heavy. And it was on a swing enclosed on three sides.