Monday, April 02, 2012

Week 5 - Nail Tapping

Wow, I'm only posting once a week.  That really sucks.  Must try to do better.

So, week 5.  The hole where my drain was is still an ugly scab.  The worst part of the whole surgery around until then end.  I also still have glue remnants where they use surgical tape over the incisions.  The tape does not come off.  I even tried using rubbing alcohol via Dr Google and was able to get it of my belly button but my main scar still has some left.  I admit I'm nervous about rubbing alcohol getting on the scar.  I'm just going to wait it out.

I have little to no incision pain.  Even sleeping on my belly is no longer a big deal.  I'm still worried about the cats jumping on me (or my mom's dog).  I've also notice I do get occasional nausea that feels like I'm about to start my period, yet I'm CD14 so there's no way.  I do get relief when I use the bathroom.  It's weird to pay attention to these things.

I'm also ready to do stuff and this is my last week with no lifting anything heavy.  So next week will be great, I can do anything I want.  I did manage to paint the inside of the window that was broken into.  The handyman put in a new window and caulked it but there were tons of spots that needed painting.  Today we had shelves put in the front closet and I just finished painting the shelves and caulking the wood pieces in the closet that hold the shelf up.  I'm always worried about bug hiding places and any cracks that can be sealed with caulk may stop some rogue spider from making a home.  Also, believe it or not, it makes it look better to have a smooth finish.

My immediate to do list is:

Paint the fence white
Transplant hydranges from yellow house to blue house (they will need watering and Brian's mom isn't going to want the extra work)
Paint the office desk armoire (I'm thinking black on the outside and bright turquoise on the inside)

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  1. Try Mederma for the scar. It works miracles.