Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Visit at the GYN

 Onward, Week 4

Well, I just wasted a morning at the doctor's office.  I waited 45 minutes to see the doctor who spent less than 5 minutes with me.  Nothing was recommended unless the endometriosis becomes a "problem."  No way or need to tell where it is or where it may go, it's a wait and see thing.  Of course if I wanted to I could go on the pill or get an IUD or a couple other things but if it's not a problem then wait it out.  So I guess we are waiting it out.


My yearly appointment isn't until September so I'll bring it up again but I don't know what I was expecting, it's not like he should just come out and say get a hysterectomy and all this goes away (though hysterectomy won't 100% cure the problem).

The thing is this is a 2 fold problem.

One: Possible endometriosis on my uterus.  Ok, well I've been dealing with these impossibly painful periods since I was 12 so dealing with it isn't the worst thing.  It's not like I want a hysterectomy so I'll stop having painful periods.  Really, the uterus isn't the issue, which brings part 2.

Two: Possible endometriosis just floating around in my torso waiting for the opportunity to attack another organ, like one I need or don't have extra of.  There's a fear there that I guess I just have to let go of.  Or talk to the doctor in September about.  He was just well if it becomes a problem then we go in and remove it.  How do you know when it's a problem, I ruptured my appendix and didn't know it!  I'm not the best judge here.

I'm having trouble with my appetite.  It seems starving myself for so long due to being so sick has left me pretty ravenous.  I was counting calories and I was in the 1600-1800 range and gaining about a pound a day.  I really don't see how that's possible but I gained about 4 or 5 pounds.  Now I'm just trying to regroup and get back on my January program.  It's so HARD TO DO.

Also, I'm getting antsy to do stuff.  Lots of stuff in the yard and in the house when it gets too hot outside.  I feel pretty good in week four, sleeping is still a bit of an issue, it's hard to get comfortable with my scar pain.  I get some deeper pain that feels like hip pain too.  My drain scar is still the ugliest one and I just want it to heal up so bad.  

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