Tuesday, February 07, 2012

That Darn Mom

My mom asked me to post some things for her on Craigslist.  Little did I realize I would be spending an hour posting 18 separate ads for her.  First she sent the first set of 11 via text message with photos.  The next day she asked me to text her back each item with the price because she couldn't find the texts she sent me.  This was all while I was too sick to do much of anything.  But fine, a couple days later I sat down and wrote an email with all items and prices.  She changed the price of 2 of them.  One of them is a chair they are still selling at Pier One for $75 cheaper than what my mom wanted me to list it for on craigslist.  Then today she sends me another set of items to post for her.  I hate the iphone cloud for photos, I end up with 3 copies of every photo on every device and it drives me nuts and you can't delete anything it comes right back so I have to download my photo with an app.  So I download all her pictures print the email with prices and get going on craigslist.  Here I am one hour later.  I had to share the craziest 2 with you, as if the Pier One chair isn't enough.

First up, for $25 you can drive to my mom's house to buy 4 glass storage containers.

Maybe you got the set of 20 or so that I got from Costco for $15 so this doesn't float your boat.  Can I interest you in a fake orchid plant in a white cachepot with black rocks.  It will only put you back $40.

I don't know if you can tell from the photo but this is a small (fake) plant, maybe 8 inches tall total including the pot.  And it's been in our house I don't know how long, I think since I've lived there.

Too good.  Almost worth wasting that hour to get a funny post up.

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