Monday, February 06, 2012

Pinchy Throat

Oh, I hate when people do posts like this but here goes.

I was very very sick last week and lost 4.5 pounds.  I know it screws everything up but hey, I'll TAKE IT!  I never lose weight when I'm sick, people always do but I never do.  This cold started with a sore throat and my taste buds being off so that was the bulk of it, I generally don't like to eat things that don't taste very good, combine that with avoidance of hunger through tons of sleep and coughing for exercise, I thought I had a chest bruise there for a while.  I'm on the upside, finally, for this cold, but I'm at that weird stage I get where I'll start choking, not coughing but choking and I cough and cough this really unsubstantial cough and drink like 2 glasses of water and tears pour out my eyes and finally I'm okay. I call this "Pinchy Throat" and I've been getting it as long as I can remember.  I once remember in my early 20s being a waitress and getting the pinchy throat at while taking my table's order and I can't stop coughing and I have to walk away and go choke in the back of the house where I do the fake chokey thing (because the cough is so lame at this stage) and the chug water thing until it goes away.  I came out a few minutes later sweating and watery eyes.  Good times, good times.  Yes, this is the upside to my cold!  How about that.

I got a little jump start that really had me pumped!  If only I could lose 4.5 pounds every week!  I wanted to do something fun considering I'm almost 20 pounds down and my goals seem to be in sets of 20 pounds.  40 pounds to 200 pounds and then 40 more pounds to my goal weight of 160.  Since I'm almost 1/4 there and things really get more fun and exciting the closer I get to 200 pounds, I was trying to think of a small cheapish, non-food reward that I could get on  a pretty standard basis.  I was thinking every 2 to 5 pounds I get such-and-such reward.  So I've been thinking about that and came across this photo on Abchao's bathroom remodel and I noticed displayed above the sink was a bowl of nail polishes.

That seemed like the perfect idea to me, I could collect nail polishes!  I've been trying to think of how to exactly facilitate it and I think every 3 pounds I lose I can buy one nail polish.  When I hit 199, onederland, as we say, I will buy the ultimate nail polish, a really expensive kind with big flakes of glitter.  I almost found this exact bowl at Home Goods today.  I bought one a little less full-on swipe of idea but now I'm second guesses that choice and may pick a pretty anthropologie bowl.  We'll see.

Three pounds is a good choice because 21 pounds puts me at 199 pounds which I thought was an extra special weight and I'll have collected 7 polishes by then, well on my way to a fine collection.

**PSS - I also find it very weird how I'm starting to like brass/bronze.  I really used to hate it, I mean really hate it but I'm starting to see it in instances where I really like it, like these light fixtures. 

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