Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh, You, Stressed?

I wish so badly that this conversation was recorded.  I can only hope to recreate the essence of the phone conversation between my mom and myself.

Mom: ... Can you do "X" for me.
Me: Yes, but not right now, some other time, I'll call you.
Mom: Are you feeling okay?
Me: No, I still have that stomach thing.
Mom: Is it because of your period or your things, your fibroids?
Me: No, it's not in my uterus area, it's more intestinal, I think it's stress related.
Mom: Oh you, stressed?  In that lovely cute house and perfect life?
Me: I know, right, first world problems
Mom: What?
Me: You know, everyone has problems, sort of thing
Mom: Yes, you think you are rich and someone else has money problems and they have the same amount of money as you.
Me: Something like that.
Mom: That reminds me, I've been meaning to tell you.  You should really start putting money away.  Brian doesn't have retirement and if something happens, I mean, if he dies, he has diabetes and you'd have nothing if something happened to him.
Me: thanks mom, you are really helping my stress.
Mom: (flustered) well, I was just trying to help
Me: Okay, talk to you later.
Mom: Don't forget I need you to do "X"

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