Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Watch That Muffin Top

On Friday I had a 390 calorie muffin top!  I know this would have more effect with some immediacy to it.  I meant to tweet it on Friday when I found out but then I got bogged down in work.

On Monday, last Monday, an employee brought muffins from At.lant.a Br.ead Com.pany.  This was the first day out of the house so hey, let's just jump into some temptation.  Plus she was a new employee so we felt obligated to eat one.  I chose the blueberry muffin.  While I was eating it and looking up the calories online I realized, duh, that hey the muffin tops sure have less calories.  Too bad she didn't bring us muffin tops.  I believe the blueberry muffin top was 250 calories.  The entire muffin was 444 calories.  Big difference.

So when I came in on Friday and there were muffin tops, hey, I'll be smart here and grab a muffin top.  There were no blueberry ones so I got a chocolate chip one.  It wasn't even that big.  Then I realized I had 390 calories and I could have had my breakfast that I brought in, a granola bar AND a banana for 240 calories.  So that was a letdown.

And yet, why complain, I lost 8 pounds.  So there you go, again, posting with some immediacy would have helped get my message across.

Between ABC (oh, A.B.C. I just realized that typing the initials) and TGIF, it's like no one cares how many calories are in their food.  No wonder we're all fat.  Seriously, a muffin top is the pinnacle of hey I'll cut back, I'll just eat the top, WHY is it necessary to shove so many calories in there.

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