Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thrownin' My Hands Up (And Getting the Windex)

Places Aidan has thrown up in the last 3 weeks:

On the floor on top of heating grate
On the dining room table
On the dining room chair (not the slipcovered one)
On the old silk curtains
On the new silk curtains
On the bed quilt
On the grout, always on the grout
On the only rug in the house, right at the edge where the fringe is
A secret place my foot might happen to land on in the middle of the night
A secret place my foot might happen to land on returning home from errands

I think that about does it. 

PS - I'm still plateaued at 230.5.  It's a crazy nightmare.  I'm a scientific anomaly.


  1. Sounds like my cat Clarence and his barfing strategies. :/

    On the plateau... have you ever had your thyroid levels checked? Or more specifically, have they been checked recently?

  2. What on earth is that cat eating to be sick everywhere? When one of my cats is ill it's usually because he's been eating next door's chicken leftovers or something else gross.

    Thanks for adding your Pinterest link. Don't you just love Pinterest!

    And yes, surely you should be losing at least 2lb a week??

  3. NJHDecember, Aidan has this disease that's pretty common in cats but he is completely resistant to medication. Trust me, I've tried. I've seen that cat swallow a pill and then regurgitate it a few moments later, a perfect pill left on the floor for me. Even when I can manage to get medicine to be digested he never gets better. I've been told to keep him on medicine for longer and longer bouts but he has never fully recovered so we decided after much discussion to give up. He's had this cold for well over a year, maybe more, and he sneezes everywhere and throws up a bit, not every day but a couple times a week maybe. And I'm not always sure it's him. I've seen Fox throw up. I'm sure the others do as well. But the assumption is it's always Aidan as he's caught in the act the most.

    I love pinterest. Thank you for mentioning it before, since you asked me about it I've been using it more and more as a scrapbook of ideas and a wish list. Thanks for that! I do wish pinterest could be linked to Safari in ipad. I do most of my rss reading on the ipad and that's where I get a lot of pins from.

    Hi Kristi! I've had my thyroid checked a couple of times, once for weight and once for infertility. Granted it been a while but I've always had this weight problem and my thyroid has never been an issue the test results have always been normal. Unfortunately I just recently had my yearly appt and I'm not going to drop another $25 just to have the test run as much as I am curious. If I'm still worried about it when my next appt comes up I'll get it tested then.