Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ode to Soft Scrub with Bleach

One of the things I'm really proud of is the cleaning of the bathroom floors. Obviously this first photo was going to look kind of gross, I guess, if you consider the last tenants here had a toddler running around on this very floor that looked just like this. I thought the floor was doomed so even after I painted the walls and trim I threw down some combination of bleach and either wiped it with a rag or used a mop, I considered it clean. Bathroom Floor - Before

But the damn thing kept bugging me. For one thing the bleach lifted the stains ever so slightly. Two, I had always scrubbed the yellow house's tiles with soft scrub with bleach and a brush and it worked pretty good over there and, three, at one point when one of the first tenants left and the floor looked like this in the kitchen I did a patch test in the kitchen with soft scrub with bleach and a brush and the stains started lifting out of the grout. Why have I not at least given this a try? So I used a combination of soft scrub with bleach and clorox cleanup (I recommend wearing very old clothes and removing the cats from the area). I tried 2 deck brushes, a tile brush, and a tooth brush for good measure. I wiped cleaned areas dry with old rags (I don't rinse the floor because I like it to continue seeping in there even when it's dry). I like to make some sort of paste with the soft scrub and add a little clorox cleanup to give it some wetness and bubbles. One of the deck brushes worked much better than the other and I found the toothbrush to be effective in tight spaces. I got most of the stains lifted, some areas are completely white again (!), others including the right side of the toilet and directly in front of the toilet have slight stains despite two separate occasions of me trying this technique. They are good enough. I don't know if it was from my brush agitation or already there but some of the grout towards the front of the bathroom by the door (it actually dips slightly here adding to the tension) started coming out. They make a pre-mixed grout for this purpose, I just haven't purchased it yet. I'm really glad I gave cleaning it a go, the bathroom feels so much cleaner now, I know it's clean now and that's how I like my bathroom to be. Bathroom Floor - After

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