Monday, January 09, 2012

8 Pounds

I lost 8 pounds my first week!  Whoo hoo. I wish I could lose 8 pounds every week, jeez, this would be the easiest diet ever but we all know I just dropped a bunch of water weight. 

I really want to get in the habit of posting more but since I didn't do so great last week, let's recap some of the week.

First, you may recall, my inlaws moved down from NY to live next door to us in our old house (the yellow house) and we renovated and moved into the blue house.  This move was for health reasons so if anything should happen to my husband's parents we'll be right next door to help.  In NY the closest relative was over 6 hours away and when Brian's dad had his heart problem last year, that led to a valve replacement, it was very difficult to get to him and be helpful for the long term journey of getting him healthy again.

When they moved here I was knee deep in a month of renovations that probably needed more like 3 months and I think my weight affected how I was handling renovations, everything was HARD, and maybe it would still be hard at a more healthy weight but everything also HURT and I felt so LAZY, which let's not kid ourselves, I love to be LAZY at any size, but I did manage to paint every room including the trim and I caulked my little heart out and laid an insane amount of tile on a wavy floor on my 40th birthday.  I also hung new curtain rods in every room and supervised and helped with cleanup with all the other stuff going on in the house.  I also dealt with a terrible bug problem and I'm a bug phobic and it was very difficult me emotionally and mentally.  Brian's parents had been here about 4 days and we were eating at Olive Garden and my brain started thinking about how different our lives were with the inlaws next door, and now everything has changed, our ENTIRE DYNAMIC HAS CHANGED, and we're never going to be the same and EVERYTHING WE DO will include the inlaws and I busted out crying right there in Olive Garden waiting for my Chicken Parmesan.  I tried excusing myself to the restroom but Brian took one look at me and followed me to the restroom were he let me talk crazy and right then and there we set up ASSIGNED TIME WITH THE IN LAWS, meaning we'd have dinner every Wednesday night and breakfast/brunch every Sunday and the rest of the week everything stayed the same, our dynamic that I held so dear could stay the same.  Whew.

So this past Wednesday was our first dinner out and Brian chose TGI Fridays.  I was initially very excited about this because on my last big diet I ate at TGI Friday's a lot.  I'd order the grilled chicken sandwich with no mayonnaise and a side of mashed potatoes (and eat half of them).  It was a great treat dinner.  But then I went online to look at their menu and they don't have the plain chicken sandwich anymore.  They have the Jack Daniel's Chicken Sandwich and it has 1140 calories before you even add the sides.  WTF!!!

I tried finding some sort of breakdown somewhere to find out how it was even feasibly possible to make a grilled chicken sandwich have 1140 calories but there was nothing.  I ordered it on Wednesday anyway with no cheese, no bacon, no mayonnaise, no onion straws (no, I didn't feel like a dieter at all).  I broke it down as follows:

Crazy giant bun: 280 calories
Jack Daniel's Glaze: 183 calories
5 oz Chicken Breast: 155
Total: 618

I counted my mashed potatoes as 260 calories.  I did not eat the melted cheese on the potatoes.

I have no idea if I was anywhere near what it should be.  I have a rule of not eating after 7pm, it helps me not sneak in snacks at night and helps get my stomach empty for the next morning's weigh in and we ended up waiting about 40 minutes for our dinner, and I had set aside a gazillion calories for the day so I could eat at this terrible restaurant and I was starving.

This is getting a little long so I'll write more about the week later.