Monday, November 28, 2011


Finally, tomorrow the shelves in the kitchen should be put up.

This is the final piece in my original design of the kitchen.  To add later: larger island, pot rack (?) maybe, fix the issue with the refrigerator door (handyman thinks leveling the fridge will fix that - I have my doubts, maybe have a divider built to hide the washer dryer, one day purchase a Mod Kat litter box that all 4 cats will love and replace a standard (ugly) litter box. Who knows...

But I will be able to get all my dishes organized and then I can organize the china cabinet and all the organization just makes me giddy inside.


  1. Hi there. I have been enjoying your new blog. I used to read your old one - made it through about half the archives before you understanably had to shut it down. Have you considered making the putting up the old blog up, but "invite only?". That way you could keep out the trouble makers.

    Ps. Your house is just awesome!

  2. I wish I could Amy but I don't feel comfortable sharing my old posts, even via invite only. I miss my old blog(s) tremendously, "J.N." especially, and it hurt me deeply to remove them but I had to.

  3. That is a shame. People can be such bullies. I just read your new post. I am truly sorry about the "kids" thing -- not fair and it sucks. I hope your cat feels better.